Our first Go Team since covid certainly lived up to expectations with the classic blend of evangelism, discipleship and late nights making for an exciting, tiring (in the best possible way) and encouraging week. Activities included bible studies, street outreach through a free tea and coffee stand, door to door questionnaires and leaflet distribution as we sought to bring something of God’s good news to an increasingly irreligious city. 

One thing that I came to realise during the week is that door-to-door evangelism is a difficult necessity. While there is an awkwardness and nervousness that naturally comes with it, the conversations that come about through this activity tend to be very encouraging. We would appreciate if you could remember in particular a nameless man who we encountered through this ministry and who paused briefly on being asked how happy he was with his life on a scale of 1-10 before giving a very high answer. Later in the evening we encountered him again at our free tea and coffee stand in town, extremely drunk to the point of being unintelligible. We pray that God may give this man his son and a way out of alcoholism even if we never see him again. 

As the Team Leader, I would like to thank our team for their zeal for God, their hard work and their youthful exuberance. I would also like to thank those in the church who lent their assistance during the week, not least my Dad who was assisting every step of the way and Eli and Elin Williamson who helped greatly with organising and co-ordinating the evening outreach. 

May God continue to work in the lives of those we spoke to!  

Patrick Hamilton, Covenant Christian Fellowship, Galway

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