The Lisburn Go team ran from the 13 th – 18th of August. There were eighteen tea, members! (Bethany, Matthew, Erin, Anna, Jonathan, Keziah, Elizabeth, Cara, Eva, Trinity, Wynonah, Hannah, Caitlin, Cambell, Lydia, Naomi, Isobel and Zara). Most of the team arrived for the Lord’s Day morning and were able to spend time worshipping with the Lisburn congregation. This was followed by a picnic lunch at Mervin and Dorothy Green’s house before heading back to our host homes. Evening worship was followed by a psalm sing and a delicious supper at the manse.

Each day had a similar format. We met at the church for a bible study in the morning. The theme of our studies was the Lord’s Prayer. Its was lovely to spend time with the congregation, studying God’s word and praying together.The study was followed by a time of discussion, and a quick tea break before heading out the door for distribution.

Our main focus of the week was leaflet distribution in the Lisburn area. We handed out 15,000 over the course of the week. The aim was to reintroduce the church to the local community. Our focus was on distributing invites to a set of meetings being held in September on the theme of hope. We give thanks to God for the opportunities we had to talk to some people and we pray that there would be a good attendance at the meetings. We even received a very encouraging email from a local resident thanking us for the literature and passing on his appreciation for our work.

We had the privilege of being able to spend an afternoon visiting two nursing homes nearby the church. Addresses were bought by Jonathan and Campbell along with a time of psalm singing with the residents. It was lovely to see so many of them joining in with the singing, and we also enjoyed spending time chatting to them.

Our main outreach event was the evening Bible Club for the children. There were two groups, Hungry Hippos (4-6 year olds), and Roaring Lions (7-11 year olds). Our theme this year was ‘The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross.’ This theme was derived from a children’s story book written by Carl Laferton. Our plan was to take the children on a journey from the garden of Eden to God’s perfect new creation, to teach them why Jesus died and rose again, and why this is the best news ever! Around 35 children attended, and each family went away with their own copy of the book at the end of the week.

Each night we had a quiz: Monday’s consisted of pie-ing two leaders in the face with shaving foam; to reveal the points attained when the correct
answer was given. Messy but a favourite amongst the children! It was joy being able to get alongside the kids in some very competitive and energetic sessions of ‘bang’, ‘wink murder’ and my personal favourite ‘Campbell Says’ (aka Simon Says lead by Campbell). Each night there was a craft relating to the story and memory verse, that went home with the kids.

After the Holiday Bible Club there was free time for the Go team. Our evenings included bowling, a no-where’s-off-limits game of squashed sardines in the church and our final night take-away. These times were a fantastic opportunity to get to know others in the team, the congregation and have good
fellowship and banter.

I want to give a special thanks to the whole Lisburn Congregation for all the work they put in providing meals for us and hosting us in their homes. It was a really enjoyable week and a great opportunity serve Christ’s Kingdom.

Zara Brown, Trinity RPC

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