Cloughmills Go team began with the team arriving on Sabbath for the evening service, followed by a short meeting to finalise plans for the week. Then the team then went to their host families for the night.

Each morning started with the team arriving at church for 9am to allow them to do their own private devotions. The team then spent the rest of Monday morning preparing for holiday bible club and setting up for the Pensioners tea party that afternoon. The tea party consisted of a concert from some local musicians, who played some traditional music, as well as some guitar and singing. This was followed by afternoon tea in the church hall, served by the Go team. The team then enjoyed some team bonding on the Monday evening.

Tuesday began the first of 3 days of Holiday bible club. Each day we had roughly 50 kids attending, and they enjoyed games, talks, learning a memory verse, crafts, quizzes, and appearances from our special guests- Spiderman and Captain America!

Our theme for holiday bible club this year was Superheroes and how Jesus is the ultimate ‘superhero’. Our talks, in relation to the theme, were on ‘I am the Light of the World’, ‘I am the Good Shepherd’ and ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’.

Tuesday afternoon was spent delivering leaflets around Cloughmills, Clough, Dunloy, Corkey, and Loughgiel, followed by a time of prayer. Senior youth club also began on Tuesday night, with different activities planned each night. Roughly 20-25 teens attended throughout the week, on top of our 13 Go team members who were able to join in amongst the teens. Tuesday night’s activity was a sports night, followed by Escape rooms on Wednesday night, and inflatables, crafts, table tennis and games on Thursday night. Our talks for youth club this year were ‘A Saviour Promised’, ‘A Saviour Born’ and ‘A Saviour Dies’. This allowed the teens to hear a quick overview of nearly the whole Bible in just three talks.

Wednesday and Thursday followed the same layout as Tuesday, however our afternoons were spent doing a bible study. Our studies this year were in the book of Haggai and each day we took a section, did our own personal study in each, and then joined together to discuss our answers. To do our own study, Joel taught us the Swedish method to help us Think more about the passage we were reading.

On Friday morning we had our Family fun day. This took place in the form of a Pea fair where the children and their parents were able to go around different games stands to spend and win their peas. The fun day ended with Joel giving a short epilogue to the families linked to what the kids had been learning during the past week.

The afternoon was spent doing our final study in Haggai, followed by a short psalm sing. The day ended with our youth club outing to Ballycastle in the evening, where the teens enjoyed getting chips and ice cream, and playing games beside the sea front. Our Go week concluded with a big breakfast hosted by one of the families from the Cloughmills congregation.

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