On June 23, 2023, Jonathan Sturm was ordained and installed as the associate pastor of the RPC of Lafayette (Lafayette, IN). 

Jonathan grew up as a member of the Southside RPC (Indianapolis, IN). There, he was greatly blessed as a teenager by the ministry of Southside’s pastors: Gordon Keddie and David Whitla. 

God used two sermons by Pastor Keddie on Psalm 87 to plant the seeds of an internal sense of call to the ministry. Over the successive years, especially through the mentorship of Pastor Whitla, and later David Hanson, God grew the sense of call. Slowly, God also began to confirm it externally through opportunities to teach and complete an internship with Southside’s session under the guidance of Pastor Hanson. 

Jonathan and his wife Elsa (née Spear) moved to Pittsburgh in the summer of 2020 so that he could begin his seminary studies at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Seminary was a season of familial growth, as Jonathan and Elsa welcomed two daughters: Jane and Mary. It was also a season of spiritual and intellectual growth, as Jonathan learned and studied under the faculty of RPTS. 

In the summer of 2021, Jonathan had the opportunity to complete an internship at the RPC of Lafayette (RPCL) under the guidance of Adam Niess. In December of 2022 RPCL voted to extend a call to Jonathan, which he accepted in March of 2023, after being sustained in the requisite presbytery exams. 

At the ordination service, Ken Nelson and Bob Bibby, ruling elders at RPCL, read the narration of steps and the edict for ordination and installation, respectively. Ian Wise, associate pastor of Southside RPC, preached God’s word from 2 Kings 2:1-18, reminding the assembly that God is faithful to save and bless his people, even as the servants he uses to do that change. Joel Hart, who grew up with Jonathan at Southside, roomed with him at Purdue University, and is pastor of Columbus RPC, led in the prayer of ordination and installation. David Hanson, senior pastor of Southside RPC, charged Jonathan from John 11:35, reminding him of the necessity of weeping in Christlike pastoral ministry. Adam Niess, senior pastor of RPCL, charged the congregation from 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13, encouraging them to know, respect, and love their new pastor. Jonathan closed the service by proclaiming God’s blessing on His people. 

It was a joyful evening, and Lord willing, the beginning of a joyful season of ministry for Jonathan and the RPC of Lafayette.

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