The congregation of Cookstown RP Church held their GO Team from the 26th June – 28th June. During these few days of outreach, a public meeting was organised in a local community centre on the evening of Monday 26th June.

A group of 12 Go-teamers and members from the congregation spent the day putting invitations through the doors of the villages surrounding Cookstown. Part of the day was also spent personally inviting passersby on the main street of Cookstown. In the evening, Rev. David Sutherland from Newtownards RPC came up to give a talk entitled “What is the meaning of life?” We were so thankful that David came up to give such a thought-provoking and Gospel-Centred address.

Throughout his talk, he used many examples of things the world chases after in a desperate search for meaning, referencing everything from rock stars to philosophers, and showing that all this, without Christ is meaningless and the only true meaning for life can be found in Him!

After the talk, the floor was opened to questions and answers. People were engaged and keen to ask questions. Topics like homosexuality and abortion were brought up. In response, David and Paul spoke the Gospel truth in a loving but clear way. There were 36 people in attendance, and this included 8 people from the local area – a mixture of Roman Catholics, atheists and believers from other local churches. It was a massive encouragement to see that the Lord had provided our work with fruit.

After the Q&A, we had an opportunity to talk to people over a cup of tea. Nobody was in a rush to get away and lots of good Gospel conversations were had. It was a very encouraging way to start our Go-Team and we pray that perhaps we will have more contact with these people in the future.

Campbell Quigley

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