Saturday 1st July marked a new event in the RPCS calendar – the first young adults event for a long time. We held a summer BBQ for anyone across the presbytery in the vague 20s and 30s age group.

Despite a soggy start, our prayers were answered as God sent the rain away and the event got under way. Young people from Glasgow and Airdrie joined along with the mission team- 24 adults and 4 kids! We look forward to hopefully having some representatives from Stranraer and North Edinburgh at future events. It was a great chance to build brotherly and sisterly love between our congregations.

After some icebreakers, Ian Gillies shared a short message from the life of Samuel, encouraging us to be young people ready to serve the Lord. Many thanks to Kirsten for the gazebos that kept us dry during a short-lived downpour!

After this, barbecuing got under way, food was enjoyed, and there was plenty of time for volleyball, spike ball, football and rounders. Stephen McCollum enjoyed attempting (but to no avail) to teach our baseball-loving American friends the “correct way” to use a cricket bat.

The event went down so well that we hope to hold more events for young people across the presbytery throughout the year. So if you’re aged between 20 and 40 (ish), keep your eyes peeled!

Rachel McCullough

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