Dear RP Global Alliance Friends,

We want to let you know about some changes you might even have already seen. Over the last few years you may have noticed some changes to the RP Missions program. As a cumulation and reflection of these changes, all of the programs and activities that have been associated with the name RP Missions will be directly associated with the name RP Global Missions (RPGM). Today we wanted to inform you that the name and logo used to identify the various short-term trips and trainings will shift from RP Missions to RP Global Missions. The program and activities themselves will continue to function and exist as they have been.

Our missions vision-casting course, RPGM Explore, has reflected this shift from the outset of the course. Trips that were previously identified as “RP Missions trips” will be “RPGM short-term trips”. Our “RP Missions Trip Team Leadership Seminar” will be identified as “RPGM Short-term Leadership Training” (STLT).

By the end of the summer information about RPGM Explore, RPGM short-term trips and RPGM STLT will be found on the website.  For the immediate future, you will still be able to find what you are looking for using the old familiar URL You can also begin using the link  For now that URL will take you to our current pages.

Heather Huizing, Excecutive Director of RP Global Missions
Keith Mann, Coordinator of RP Global Missions Short-Term Trips and Training

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