On the King’s birthday weekend in June, the RPCA youth camp was held at Dixons Creek.

About thirty youth attended, with Jono Feldman (from the Geelong congregation) as camp orgainiser, along with four other leaders and Alex Mikelsons as the camp chef. 

An unplanned but hilarious theme of the camp came out of the traumatic luggage leak from Jono’s trailer on the way up to camp…thankfully all items were recovered from the centre of a roundabout after half an hour of retracing steps.

On Saturday, Lucila Feldman and Angela Kwon taught us how to use paracord to make lanyards, keyrings, and survival bracelets. Joel Blakston led a couple nature walk, and we learnt to how to identify blackwood, stringy bark, and acacia trees, and bush cherries. 

In free time, everyone enjoyed the dry weather and there was lots of footy and cricket, and a skipping competition. 

Jono’s studies were on the topic of friendship, and we learnt what the Bible says about how to choose friends, how to be good friends and invest time in friendships. 

The theme for Saturday night was Celebrating Nerds – everyone dressed up in their nerdiest outfit, James ran some one-minute party games, Jono led a trivia quiz, and a couple of campers performed concert items in the breaks. 

On Sunday, Jono preached an encouraging message to “little flocks”. He reminded us that Jesus ministered to a “little flock” of disciples, and that we are part of bigger kingdom. 

We enjoyed a big bonfire on Sunday night, roasting marshmallows and cinnamon apples, and gazing at the stars. 

Everyone was able to get to know each other better, and grow closer to God, and we are all looking forward to Youth Camp 2024!

Thanks to Poppy Feldman for writing this article for us. Poppy goes to the Geelong Reformed Presbyterian Church. She is in Year 10 and enjoys reading, macrame, and playing tennis.  

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