Dervock RPC held their Holiday Bible Club from 19th-23rd June. During each of the five nights, a different bible story was uncovered:

  • Healing the paralysed man 
  • Raising the widows son
  • Meeting zacchcaeus 
  • Dying as a criminal
  • Raised to new life

Debbie McConaghie, one of the organisers, said:

“We are now living in a time and a community that some children are taught that Jesus is one of many ways to get to heaven or science is fact and religion is fiction. We became secret agents to find the truth about Jesus for the 5 day club led by Bill and Ted.”

Helpers of all ages gathered each evening, each using their gifts to help make the holiday club a success. Children from all 4 of the local primary schools came along in rain, sunshine and even lightning! The week rounded off with a BBQ for the children’s families at the church. 

Please give thanks that children came with their families and for enjoyment, safety and understanding granted during the week.
Please pray that the Holy Spirit would work and whole families would be saved, and that through that, God would add to our church family.

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