The Mukonoso church has seen a need to do some church renovations, here are some pictures of our Church Workday! We are now finally starting to move things out and throw things away in preparation for the renovation of the Mukonoso Church building. The purpose of the renovation is to widen the sanctuary as the congregation has grown by God’s grace, and also to fix up a lot of places that are very worn. In particular the roof and the floor need to be replaced. And for the expansion, walls will be taken down and the staircase to the second floor will also most likely be moved. Overall it will be a fairly extensive renewal of the building. 

In early May they had a work day and a lot of people were able to come together to pack up stuff in the kitchen, office, 2nd floor classroom, and the storage outside. We plan to have several workdays in order to finish moving out sometime in June. Construction is planned to start at the beginning of July and will take about 3 months. A carpenter from one of the RP Church’s will be managing the construction, Church members will be doing some miscellaneous items such as moving items out, finding a temporary storage place, managing the funds and expenses, and securing a rental place for worship. By avoiding the use of a construction company/etc, the Church is hoping to get the most out of the money it has saved up for this endeavor. 

Please join in praying with the congregation:

  • Praise God as we found a rental spot for worship that is very close to the church, so it will be convenient for everyone to attend as usual.
  • Praise also for the church workdays as they are a great opportunity for fellowship. There is also another game night coming up this Sunday. So far these have been a great way for all ages to interact with each other (especially for the adults to get to know the youth more).
  • The new Sunday school classes have been going for about a month now. Praise as those are going well. Pray that God would help teachers as they try to clearly convey God’s word and for the youth to have ears to hear and eyes to see with faith. 
  • Pray for the continued work on the church building to go smoothly

Thanks to Benaiah Hovee for putting together this article for us.

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