A Preview of the RPCNA Synod Meetings June 20–23rd 2023.

The One Hundred Ninety-first Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America is called to assemble at Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, Ind.) on Tuesday, June 20 at 8:30 a.m. 

This means that many pastors (teaching elders) and ruling elders across the RPCNA are even today departing their homes and families to serve as delegates of the churches in the highest court of this denomination. 

Please be in special prayer as many delegates will be gathering at the Marion Reformed Presbyterian Church for a prayer meeting on Monday night.

The presbyterian form of church government does not have “branches of government” like United States civil government. Instead, this “court” of the church has various responsibilities that involve law and order (legislative), oversight of church finances, boards, and institutions (administrative), and the handling of judicial complaints and appeals that arise through the presbyteries across the denomination (judicial).

The RPCNA core website has been updated recently. You can take a look at www.RPCNA.org.

CrownandCovenant.com is our denomination’s publishing arm. This year they initiated a new book imprint entitled Grassmarket Press, named after a revered place in Edinburgh where many Covenanter Martyrs gave their lives for the cause of Christ in Scotland.

Also this year, several ministers continued to work on the Jerusalem Chamber, a thoughtful and practical podcast working paragraph by paragraph through the system of theology and practical piety of the Westminster Confession of Faith. This is a useful podcast to introduce the thirty-three chapters of the Westminster Standards, and can also be a useful podcast resource for study classes.

Dr. Barry York continues to coordinate a broad array of Reformed Presbyterian and other writers at Gentle Reformation.

These are just a few fruits visible across our denomination this year. Check back throughout synod week to see more of how Christ is animating his disciples across this denomination in service to His holy name!

 Brad Johnston and Drew Gordon

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