RPCNA | Presbytery of the Alleghenies | Gibsonia (Pennsylvania, USA)

Established: 9 January 2009

Pastor: Jeff Stivason

Ruling Elders: John DeGraaf, John Ryce, Mark Sampson, Wayne Spear, Calvin Troup, Chris Villi

Members: 122 communicant members and 61 baptized members (as of the end of 2022)

History of the congregation

Grace is a daughter congregation of the R.P. Church of North Hills. Our property came about as a result of the North Hills congregation assuming the mortgage of an Evangelical Free church. Evening worship began in the spring of 2006, and by July 2007, Pastor Jeff had been called to lead the work in Gibsonia. Under his faithful preaching, the church grew quickly, necessitating more room for worship, fellowship, and the church school rooms. Ongoing growth has led us to have the same needs today.

Lord’s Days at Grace

The Lord’s Day is the primary focus of ministry at Grace; the preaching and teaching ministry in morning worship, church school, and evening teaching fellowship – including prayer, children’s groups, and youth group – constitute the heart of our church life together

Outreach Activities

We have several outreach activities, which include a fall Applefest in the neighboring community, an annual VBS program, a homeschool co-op, and a Trail Life troop.

Church Family

The family of God at Grace is a wonderful demographic mix. One-third of our numbers are children and youth, from birth through high school. Our adults include post-college singles, many young married couples, middle-age parents with children and empty nesters, and older saints who have walked with Christ for many years.

Please Pray:

  • For our pastor in his dual role as pastor of the congregation and professor at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • For strength for our elders as they serve and shepherd the congregation faithfully
  • Vision and discernment for our deacons as they serve the congregation in proactive and reactive mercy ministry
  • For all our members to grow in their knowledge of the Word, to grow in their love for Christ, and for their wills to be conformed to the Word

Thanks to Sharon Sampson for putting together this article. Sharon is the administrative assistant at Grace Gibsonia. She enjoys studying God’s Word, speaking/writing, spending time with friends, and camping with her husband, Mark.

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