The RPCI Equipped to Lead Conferences There have just concluded a series of talks with the main aim of how to better interpret the Scriptures and how to delve deeper into God’s Word which were held at Knockbracken RPC over 4 Saturdays:

  • Talks began with David McKay speaking on the theology of the covenant and the joys of justification, sanctification and adoption into the family of God.
  • Warren Peel followed with a more practical guide on interpreting the Bible, with guidance on how to deal with the various different types of text which we find in God’s Word.
  • The third was lead by Stephen Neilly, taking us through the Story of the Bible, with a particular focus on the Old Testament and how Christ permeates throughout all the Old Testament.
  • The final talk was taken by Prof. Robert McCollum, focussing on practical advice for how to better communicate God’s Word, whether that be for a sermon, as a Sabbath school teacher, or even for family worship.

The initial plan had been to hold the meetings in the college, but with each session being so well attended, the venue was moved across to the main church hall, with approximately 80-100 present at each of the talks.

The talks were also recorded and are currently on the Knockbracken RP YouTube channel, and I would highly recommend anyone to go and watch them at the link below:

Praise God for the gifted professors that He has given us to teach at our college, and that He will raise up more to follow them, both as elders in our church and as ministers of His Word.

Peter Neilly, Cookstown RPC

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