The Canadian Presbytery of the RPCNA met on May 11th -12th at the Ottawa RPC building. The Moderator was Rev. Scott Wilkinson of New Creation RPC and a provisional Clerk, Rev. Matt Kingswood of Russell RPC, was appointed in the absence of Rev. Dr. Andrew Quigley who was with family in Northern Ireland following the death of his father.

We were delighted to welcome Rev. Harry Metzger, Moderator of the RPCNA Synod, who preached God’s Word at the opening of Presbytery, from Isaiah 12:1-6, with two main points: ‘Expressing Gratitude to God’; and, ‘Expressing a Testimony of God and the Gospel to the World’.

New Ministers, and Ministers Moving On

Presbytery rejoiced to note that Mr. James Zhou was ordained and installed as minister of the West Vancouver RPC mission church, and Rev. Kevin Jia was installed in the Nissi congregation in Surrey, both on November 29th, 2022. We regretfully accepted Rev. Dan Dupuis’ request to be removed from the Roll of Ministers in the Canadian Presbytery. The Moderator was asked to write to Rev. Dupuis expressing our sad, yet open hearts to him as the Lord might lead him in days to come.

The elders also were happy to interview Mr. Ezra Wilkinson as he considers preparation toward gospel ministry. Presbytery asked the Kitchener-New Creation elders to shepherd Ezra in this direction as he attends Gillespie Seminary in Woodstock. Rev. Matt Kingswood, as a member of the Training Men for Ministry Committee, was assigned as a mentor for Ezra.

Special Events

The Vancouver AP congregation was received into the Presbytery, with joy, on Friday, April 14, 2023. Rev. Allan MacLeod from the Toronto congregation preached at the reception service.

Mr. Colin Postma reported on the Presbytery Precentor event that took place in Ottawa on the 14th and 15th of April, led by Rev. Brian Wright (RP pastor in Sterling, Kansas).

Changing Relationships

Valuing the RP family worldwide, the Presbytery will soon petition the RPC Australia and the RPCNA to review a request from RPCC for membership in the RP Global Alliance. As a means of maintaining connections with the RPCNA several men were appointed to represent the RPCC as non-voting members on the RPCNA Home Missions Board, the RPCNA Global Missions Board, and the RPCNA South Asia Commission, as outlined in Memoranda of Understanding with those boards.

The highlight of Presbytery occurred on Friday evening with the Formation Service of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Canada. Rev. Harry Metzger again brought the Word from 1 John 5:1-4 to the newly constituted denomination, stressing the marks of a Christian being faith, love, obedience and victory! Thanks again to the Ottawa RPC for their warm and gracious hospitality in hosting Presbytery.

Thanks to Rev. Matt Kingwood, provisional Clerk for writing this report.

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