About sixty women, young and old, from across the Midwest Presbytery, gathered at the Sterling, Kansas Reformed Presbyterian Church on March 31 and April 1. As always, this well-planned retreat was rich in fellowship, with old friends and with quite a few new attenders.

Heather H., of RP Global Missions, spoke to us on “Our Identity in Christ”.

  • Talk #1: What It Isn’t
  • Talk #2: What It Is
  • Talk #3: Getting From the Isn’t to the Is.

Some key points: It is true freedom! It is not “sameness” with other believers, it is “oneness”. We must constantly put away our old identities by reminding ourselves of God’s promises and truths.

The group also appreciated a full report of current RPCNA missions from Heather, as well as some good book reviews by Ruth Falk. We prayed together in thanksgiving, praise, and asking God to help with many, many needs. It was time well-spent, and worth the travel!

Thanks to Cheryl Hemphill for writing this report

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