The Airdrie GO team had just 4 members (Matteo, Campbell, Hannah, & Rosaleen) with the goal of delivering 15,000 invites to the Airdrie Mission services. We were grateful for help from Jacob and other members of the congregation. Most of the team arrived on Wednesday evening, travelling from the North Edinburgh GO team, and we enjoyed fellowship as we gathered at the manse for a delicious ice cream supper.

Thursday morning began with family worship. The sun was shining providing a dry, warm start for distribution! In the evening, the congregation met for prayer for the Mission services.

God was gracious in answering our prayers as Friday was another sunny day. In the evening the team helped with the Kid’s Club spring party (6 children attended). It was a lovely hour of fun, food, games, craft, and most importantly teaching the children the parable of the seeds. In Deuteronomy 6, we are commanded to instruct our children in God’s Word, and it was so beautiful to hear the children recite the memory verse perfectly (Matthew 18:28). We pray God will use this verse to challenge and encourage them in the future, as knowing God’s Word is vital for living a godly life in a world of evil. (Psalm 119:9) Afterwards, the team enjoyed some down time playing jungle speed. We felt our unity in Christ as we concluded the night with family worship, and as we studied Psalm 27, we were struck by the Psalmist’s trust and confidence in times of danger and persecution.

Members from the Glasgow congregation joined us on Saturday to help distribute. God gave us a beautiful blue sky to get the work done. Girl’s Group took place in the evening where Hannah and Rosaleen were interviewed by Beth and enjoyed getting to know the 3 girls (Elena, Emanuella, and Angelica) over pizza and McFlurrys! Later Stephen gave the team an overview of past congregations in Scotland and Matteo was both astonished and excited to discover there was previously a RP church in Darvel! We then played games and studied God’s Word together before getting some much needed rest!

On the Sabbath we appreciated the Bible Class, services, congregational lunch, and supper at the manse.

On Monday the team had the privilege of a Reformation Tour which was both historically fascinating and spiritually challenging, reminding us not to take for granted the freedom we currently have to worship. We pray that even as a result of this trip, we would be more willing to make sacrifices; we noted the repeated inscription on the graves “for adhering to the word of God”, demonstrating how we must not compromise or conform to the world but are called to take up our cross and follow Christ.

In the evening more leaflets were delivered, and then we enjoyed a time of fun and fellowship with family worship lasting until 2.30am! Despite being severely sleep deprived, we were able to build each other up as brothers and sisters in Christ, studying Proverbs, and reviewing our walk with God. Later that morning, we were treated to breakfast in Morrisons’ Café, giving the energy needed for a final push to deliver invites. Goodbyes were reluctantly said as the team came to an end.

We are thankful for the warmth and hospitality provided by the congregation and for how they showed Christ’s love to us throughout the week. A special thanks to our wonderful hosts!

Give thanks for the ideal weather and for the 12,500 leaflets that were distributed and that a few visitors attended the meeting as result of receiving the invite. Pray that the congregation will be encouraged and not grow weary. How wonderful it is to know that God’s Word will not return to him empty but will accomplish his purpose- pray God would use the conversations had and the seeds sown during the week for his glory. Pray that God would use his followers to shine brightly in Airdrie, a town full of darkness.

We’re all looking forward to Airdrie GO team 2024 (D.V) and I’d encourage you to consider serving in this way too – the bruises and blisters don’t last but the blessings and bonds do!

Rosaleen Blair, Dervock RPC

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