Thank you too for your prayers for our GO Team. We’ve had a brilliant 5 days with so many answers to prayer
and encouragements!

Here are ways to continue praying:

  • Give thanks for 7500 flyers distributed successfully. We mentioned 6000 in our last prayer letter—the printer very kindly gave us 1500 extra for free! All the homes around Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre in any direction have now been told we’re meeting there. Pray God brings people in.
  • Give thanks for a brilliant team; for the hard work of the congregation in hosting, feeding, transporting and more as well as being involved in the outreach; for others who came to help; for fantastic weather (including Wednesday when rain was forecast all day and we didn’t feel one drop while we were out) and for safety and for all the logistics working out. We were so aware of God’s hand on us and His kindness.
  • Please pray against the darkness of false teaching. Sadly some of the cults have been active in the very same areas as us this week. Pray that the darkness of their teaching would not lead people astray. Pray that the light of the truth of Jesus Christ would shine all the brighter. And pray that people would clearly see and know the difference.

  • Pray for two men to come to church—Ady and Stephen. Ady has been in touch, having received a flyer. He would like a Bible and is hoping to come on Sunday morning. Stephen is someone we’re praying will come to church, but is nothing to do with the flyers or the GO Team (as we so often see God working in ways outside of what we’re doing!) He knows someone who knows about our church and lives near the centre we’re now meeting in.
  • Please pray for the children and young people of the church, who absolutely loved having older Christian young people on the team that they could look up to and spend time with. Pray that being involved with a GO Team would excite these little ones and give them a heart for the Saviour and His Kingdom. Pray especially for the impact on some of our teenagers who have grown up in non-Christian homes.

Peter Loughridge, Pastor of North Edinburgh RP Church

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