Our friends over at RP Global Missions are accepting registration for the March cohort for our RPGM Explore course! Those participating will be having weekly discussions about our responsibilities as Christians to spread the Gospel and what that can look like for each person involved.

We are ALL called to missions: it’s just a matter of whether you are called to GO or called to SEND.

Each cohort offers a close community of believers who are exploring their part in making “the Gospel of Jesus Christ accessible to every soul on
earth.” Running for 8 weeks, our Explore course features weekly video calls with your cohort, assigned readings from a variety of sources, and writing assignments that encourage prayer and reflection on the course material.

Our next cohort will launch in early March — likely March 11 (details regarding dates will be announced soon).

The cost of RPGM Explore is $350 per person; however, if you are planning on participating in one of our short-term mission trips, the cost is $225
per person. The course is also available to Congregational Missions Advocates for $275. A $35 deposit is due one week before the start of the
course, and can be made at this link:

The RPGM: Explore course is required for anyone interested in participating in short-term mission trips with RP Missions.

If you’re interested in gathering with other believers to “explore” what doing missions looks like for you, feel free to reach out to info@rpmissions.org for more information!

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