The RPCNA’s Japan Presbytery gathered online for their annual singing of “The Life of Christ in the Psalms” at the beginning of December. The Kasumigaoka congregation organized the online event and individual congregations were able to gather together in their respective buildings. Even as the congregations were separated by many kilometers, the Lord’s unity reigned as each person could be seen on the large projector screens and children of the various congregations shared smiles and waved together.

An online Psalm sing is perhaps unconventional but as with all things in the last 3 years, changes and adaptations were made so that the event was a success!

Each congregation provided 2-3 readers who sat at the front of their congregation and near to the microphone and to the camera. Each of the 4 congregations were assigned several of the Psalms in the program to sing. Dividing it up this way ensured that the potential internet disruptions or lag were not a problem and allowed for each congregation to have a chance to enjoy singing and praising the Lord together. The evening closed with a time of sharing brief recaps and prayer requests from each congregation. As 2022 drew to a close, what a blessing to be able to share together and remember God’s faithfulness to His church!

Thanks to Bethany Cerbus for putting together the article. Bethany and her family recently relocated to the Mukonoso RP Church within the Japan Presbytery.

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