Hunter Jackson was born and raised in New Jersey. He completed his undergraduate studies online with Clark Summit University while serving as a Youth Pastor at a Baptist Church in South Jersey. Hunter joined the RPCNA in 2016 and was soon taken under care of the Atlantic Presbytery. He graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary with an MDiv in the summer of 2022. He lives in Elkins Park with his wife, Angela and their three children. 

In his own words: The reasons why I accepted the call to Elkins Park (EP) can be summarized under two categories, a sense to continue in current ministry and a sense to prepare for future ministry. I had been interning at EP since the Summer of 2020 while finishing my studies at WTS. During that time, I began to be deeply invested in the people and ministry at EP.  For that reason, when it came time for my wife and I to pray about the interests that other churches had expressed we did not feel as if the LORD was leading us to believe our time at EP was done and we should go serve elsewhere.

Angie and I believed that God wanted us to continue to labor here in Elkins Park, we had great peace and unity about this decision. However, I did not feel that I would be serving at Elkins Park for a very long time. EP is already blessed with a capable and godly minister in John D. Edgar. So, with an eye toward future ministry and someday taking a call to another church, I wanted to continue to serve alongside Pastor Edgar to grow in the areas of shepherding and working in the Church courts.

Upon graduating from WTS, I felt sufficiently able in the more public aspects of the ministry such as preaching or teaching a Sunday school class. However, having not been raised a Presbyterian or having many courses that focused on polity I knew I needed to spend some more time learning how to effectively work with other men on a Session, shepherd a congregation “behind the scenes”, and be a help with the work of Presbytery. God has providentially placed me in a position to serve alongside a man who is gifted in the areas where I wanted to grow and learn.   

Hunter Jackson with his family

On September 10, 2022, the presbytery met to ordain Hunter. Family and friends came, along with the members of the congregation itself. Pastor Alex Tabaka, Hunter’s first pastor in the RPCNA, preached from Isaiah 6, and elder Tom Fisher of the Cambridge congregation prayed the prayer of ordination.

It was a lovely day, complete with lunch following and many friends and relatives joining the celebration.

Thanks to Pastor John Edgar for compiling this article.

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