GO Teams are short term mission teams from the Irish and Scottish RP churches that help an RP church with their ministry and outreach. The Airdrie GO Team helped the church deliver almost 15,000 invitations to their special mission services. Here is a report by Eleanor Alexander about the Airdrie GO Team.

Let’s meet the team! We were an eight-person strong team consisting of: William Armstrong, Cameron Gamble, Shane Duffy, Hamish Allen, Jamie Stewart, Campbell Quigley, Matteo Plebiscito, and Eleanor Alexander. We quickly realised at the start of the week with seven guys and one girl we had the ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ act down. It’s up to you to decide who you think was who!

On Wednesday most of the team set off from Northern Ireland heading to the great land of Scotland. We enjoyed the boat journey across, and headed to Stranraer, then Ayr, to collect more of the group. Even at this early stage of the Go Team we were already enjoying great fellowship and team bonding with one another, hilariously over a KFC, but who doesn’t love food and fellowship! We spent time that first night at Rev Stephen and Mrs Brenda McCollum’s house playing with their kids and chatting with them about where we were from, which congregations, and what we were doing in our lives. We finished the night by heading to our respective hosts. I think I speak for us all when I say we were attended on so well throughout the team – everyone was incredibly hospitable!

Wednesday came and went, and before we knew it, it was Thursday and we got stuck in. It was at this stage where we were introduced to the landscape of Airdrie. Let’s just say that after the third day of distribution I don’t think I’d be a big fan, many hills and stairs, but it made the experience! Each day produced its challenges, rain and tiredness being the greatest challenge.

On the Saturday we weren’t as bright as we could have possibly been, which is why it was so good that we were joined by people from both the Glasgow and North Edinburgh congregations. It was a real and necessary encouragement to be joined by fellow congregations, it spurred everyone on to be able to post 13,000-15,000 invitations over the three days.

Saturday night games

On the Friday night we prepared for both the Kids Club and the Girls Group. While some of the men did some more distribution, the rest of us helped with Kids Club. We entertained them playing different games, helped with Psalm singing and memory verse, listened to Stephen’s talk, and helped with the craft. After Kids Club I, Eleanor, had been asked to share my testimony with the online Girls Group. During the time I was on, Beth Bogue, who leads the group, asked me various questions to get to know me and how I came to my relationship with Christ.  

On Sunday we worshipped with the Airdrie congregation morning and evening with a congregational meal between both services.

 On Monday we finished the team the way we started, with a KFC in Ayr. We left Airdrie not knowing how or if the invitations took effect. More than often, that is the way these team’s work, it’s always important for us to realise that we have to rely on God in every circumstance. This is extremely necessary for GO Teams, because you rarely find out if God has worked in anyone’s life through your service. We must also remember that God uses everyone in big and small ways, the worst and best of us. Some things we can remember to pray for as we serve the Lord are wisdom and opportunity to talk to people, strength and energy to persevere while we post invites, run kid’s clubs, and Bible studies etc. We should also pray for the salvation of those in our families and congregations.

Airdrie RP Church – Thank you for a great week, the hospitality you have shown to us, and a time to serve our Lord and Christ! 

Eleanor Alexander

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