In another exciting development and possible answer to many years of praying, a building in our community (that would be very suitable for a church for North Edinburgh RPC) has become available! It’s a local community centre, built in 1993 and still in great condition, but whose charity has sadly discontinued following COVID and funding cuts. Please join us in praying that, if this building is right for us, God will give it to us. It might not be right for us—it’s probably bigger than what we need to begin with. But we have no shortage of ideas to fill it! And God could easily grow our church and fill any building, but it’s challenging to grow and to do all we want to do for Him without having our own permanent base.

We have registered our interest but we also know that we’re one of at least 7 interested parties (a number that could easily rise).

The building is in great condition. It’s brilliantly located in terms of being in the area we want to be in and also being visible and easy to find and get to. It’s well-known within the area and has a good reputation. Without wanting to overstate it, it feels (maybe) like a once in a lifetime opportunity! Certainly in the 10 years we’ve already been here, no building as suitable and well located and well priced has become available.

Please also pray with us that God would provide all that we need financially. We would need at least £50,000 initially to purchase the building—that’s a tiny price for what we’d be getting, but the charity need to cover outstanding bills of that amount. There would also be, as with any building, significant annual running costs that we’ve never yet had to cover (while we’ve met in someone else’s building).

If you or your church are able to consider giving (any amount—large or small) specifically towards the purchase of a building, we would be so grateful. Please get in touch about how best to do that at

We should find out if our proposal to purchase the building was successful on Monday the 26th September. Please be in prayer for this.

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