Our congregation in Southfield was involved in the Underground Railroad during the 1850s and ‘60s under the leadership of our second pastor, Rev. J.S.T. Milligan.

As a result, we are occasionally blessed with opportunities to participate in local community events. The nearby Birmingham Museum hosted an Underground Railroad Commemoration Ceremony for the gravesites of abolitionist Elijah S. Fish and converted former slave, George B. Taylor, who later accompanied Rev. Milligan west to plant a congregation in North Cedar (now Denison) Kansas in 1872.

Birmingham is a fairly small (pop: 20k vs. Southfield: 70k), yet prosperous and well-respected, local community. Present at the event were the Mayor of Birmingham, the Birmingham City Commission, U.S. Congresswoman Haley Stevens (D), and various other local personalities and officials.

Antonio (“A.J.”) Troutman from our congregation gave the address. We submitted his Christ-centered remarks in advance and, amazingly, there was no objection!

What followed, by God’s grace, was an unforgettable six-minute address that brought glory and honor to Jesus Christ. I am told that it also received more applause than any of the other speeches. And there were quite a few other speeches that day, including one by a student identifying as LGBT just prior to AJ’s speech. Afterward, both he and others from our congregation were able to engage in meaningful and respectful conversations with attendees regarding contemporary moral issues, such as abortion. This was truly a blessing from God.

Here is a link to the speech:

Adam K, Pastor of Southfield RPC in Michigan

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