Lisbon Reformed Presbyterian Church and Grace Presbyterian Church (OPC) hosted Vacation Bible School on July 6-8, 2022, at the R.P. church. We invited local children, ages 4-10, to “Seek out the Lord of the Universe” during our space-themed gathering.

Pastor Garrett Mann, in his astronaut garb, introduced the topics for each day: Creation, The Fall, and Salvation. We followed a traditional format, with breakout classes for each age group (to review Bible stories and concepts, and work on memory verses), craft time, snack time, recreation time, singing, and a wrap-up session with Pastor Derek Leitao.

Crafts, snacks and games were also space-themed. God granted us perfect weather so that snacks and games could be enjoyed outside in the church yard. Adults and teens from both congregations taught classes, provided and served snacks, and planned and carried out crafts and games. After the last day of the program, a picnic lunch was served to the children and their families. We were glad to be able to speak with parents who were not previously known to either congregation.

Attendance was about the same as last year, with about 40 children the first day, and a little fewer children on subsequent days. Most children who attended are already members of one of the host congregations, or relatives of members. We would love to see many more unchurched children come to VBS next year!

This week our congregation took part in the Lisbon Homecoming Parade, for the first time in many years. While walking through the village, we could see so many lost sheep in our community, among the hundreds of spectators. Also this week, a woman who grew up near Lisbon shared her
fond memories of going to VBS hosted by the congregation, decades ago. Attendance in those days was much larger, so VBS was held at the Lisbon library across the road from the manse. We were encouraged by this reminder that seeds of the Gospel have been faithfully sown among the children of the community for many years. We pray for opportunities to water those seeds, and to be workers in the harvest.

Shelley Bond joined the RPCNA in Lisbon, NY, in 1976. She has lived in a few other places since then, but was delighted to move back to the area in 1997. Some of her grandchildren (from Pennsylvania and Ontario) attended VBS last year and this year, and say it’s a highlight of their summer.

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