This past July, around twenty-five young adults from around the United States had the
opportunity to gather in Colorado for the RPCNA’s Youth Leadership Conference. Over the
four-day conference, the youth were able to attend workshops and lectures, fellowship, and
worship together. The overarching theme of “The Ordinary Christian Life” focused on Christian
service, inspiring youth to return to their home congregations with a renewed perspective on
serving and a drive to search out meaningful ways to serve their church communities.

The conference began at Tri-Lakes Reformed Church. After an exciting round of “speed intros,”
the youth were introduced to Pastor Kyle Borg from Winchester, Kansas. Introductions turned
into a laughter-filled, hour-long Q&A session with Pastor Borg, in which any and every question
and topic of discussion was encouraged and answered. The next morning, the youth attended
several workshops, which included the topics of elder and deacon preparation, women’s
ministry in the church, church membership, personal communication in a screen world, sexual
sin, abuse in the church, and understanding our current social crisis.

The middle of the conference took place at Golden Bell Camp, providing the opportunity to
enjoy the Lord’s creation of mountains and beautiful Colorado landscapes. Pastor Borg gave
three lectures on the ordinary Christian life, encouraging youth to do all to the glory of God as
they live faithful, yet ordinary, lives, and suggesting practical ways to live faithfully in the midst of
the mundane. After each lecture, youth gathered in small groups for discussion and application
of the truths presented in the lectures. They were also blessed by brief times of family worship
following each evening meal.

Throughout the weekend, youth enjoyed many activities together, including volleyball,
swimming, gaga ball, glow-in-the-dark dodgeball, and mini golf. Psalm singing around the
campfire one evening was a memorable experience for many.

On the Sabbath, the youth joined the Tri-Lakes congregation for morning and evening worship,
as well as a church psalm sing. That afternoon, they attended a final workshop on mental health
from a Christian perspective, led by Mr. Kelly Moore.

The conference was a blessing, as we were encouraged by the fellowship of like-minded
brothers and sisters and by Pastor Borg’s reassurance that it is not necessary to live radical
Christian lives if we desire to live faithful Christian lives. Christ designed faithfulness to be lived
out through the ordinary! If you desire encouragement and seek to gain practical, meaningful
insight into the Christian life, I would encourage you to consider attending future Youth
Leadership Conferences.

Thanks to Kyle Finley for the photos, and to Sarabeth Schuck for writing the article. Sarabeth is from the Tri-Lakes congregation in Colorado. Currently a sophomore (second year) at Geneva College, she is studying English and also taking prerequisite sciences in preparation for PA school. She enjoys being involved in church and spending time with her family.

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