It was a chilly but sunshine-y weekend when the young adults of the Australian RPC gathered at Dixon’s Creek for their annual camp. Alex Mikelsons (of Geelong) organised a relaxing and invigorating weekend of talks, games, discussions, bush walks and excellent food from the kitchen of Jane Blakston (of Geelong).

Andy McCracken (of Frankston) lead studies and discussions on ‘Engaging with culture’. He took us through the aim and motivation of missions, understanding the current cultural and moral condition and developing strategic Christian initiatives. We were challenged to seek to understand the world around us, to speak and show truth and to make the invisible Kingdom visible. Throughout it all, Andy encouraged us to remember that through cultural shifts and changing currents, the Kingdom of God is unshakeable and will prevail!

We enjoyed an outing to the Yarrawood Estate winery, kookaburra song in the morning, bush walks at sunset, psalm singing, fellowship, a warm fire and only a little bit of rain when we were packing up to leave!

Thanks to Emily Mikelsons for writing the article and providing the photos! Emily is a member of the Geelong RPC church family. She is a social worker in Geelong and has lived in that community for most of her life. Emily is part of the leadership teams of Youth Group and Kids Club at church. She also teaches a Sunday School class of Grade 10-12 students and is part of the Presbytery Short Term Missions Committee.

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