Ruling and teaching Elders from across the RPCNA have been arriving throughout this (Monday) evening here at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Ind. Tonight some of us had the rich blessing of attending a “Prayer Meeting for Revival in the Church” at Marion, Ind. RPC.

Pastor Andrew Barnes (Christ Prebyterian RPC) brought a stirring sermon about “The Zealous Elder” from Numbers 25 (Link to FB video ; Link to Sermon Audio). Synod delegates were challenged to “pray zealously for revival in our own hearts, in our churches, in the RPCNA, and among the nations.” The sermon focused on God’s holiness, truth, and judgment of sin. The evening’s program contained the Covenant of Communicant Membership and the Covenant for Ordination, Installation, and Licensure taken by each delegate for their review.

Elders were encouraged to cry out for God’s help to 1) to be granted repentance for our own sin, our congregation’s, and our spiritual idols and adulteries; 2) for zeal and jealousy for the glory of the LORD; 3) to fear the LORD and not the men of the world; 4) for the Kingdom of God to come over the whole world, and the Holy Spirit to be poured out in revival; 5) for corporate repentance where we may have been unfaithful in our covenant promises and vows; 6) for more prayer to be cultivated in Christ’s congregations where we serve for Him.

A season of open prayer followed for our church plants, for renewal and shepherding of local congregations, for the strengthening of our mission fields, and for zeal in our labors as shepherds. We were reminded that from Numbers 25 “we have weapons of greater spiritual strength than Phineas’ javelin. For our weapons are mighty to tear down what exalts itself against the knowledge of God” (2 Cor. 10:4).

Please pray for delegates as a full agenda begins at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Brad Johnston, Topeka RPC

This report was initially shred on the RP Witness website and is shared with their kindly granted permission.

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