Six weeks ago, the St. Lawrence Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) convened both in person, with the American congregations gathering at Messiah’s Church in Clay, NY, and by video conference, with the Canadians joining their American brothers by Zoom. There were many notable things that took place at this meeting.

Messiah’s Church (Clay, NY), where the American elders gathered and were joined by Canadian elders via Zoom

Remembering Harold Harrington

First, the clerk stated for the record the death of Pastor Harold Harrington on November 16, 2021; that condolences were sent to Ena Harrington on behalf of the Presbytery as well as by individual presbyters. The older members of our presbytery remembered the many years of Rev. Harrington’s insightful mind and wise counsel that was delivered through a powerful booming baritone voice.

Students & Provisional Elders

The presbytery was also introduced to a Mr. Colin Doyle, an RPTS seminary student. Mr. Doyle is nearing completion of his seminary work, and intends to do a one-year internship with the Fulton RPC (Fulton, NY).

He shared his testimony of conversion, growth as a Christian man and theological student, his family relations with his wife and children, his current church life, and status with Eligibility exams. (He has not yet taken any.) A motion was passed that Presbytery receive Mr. Doyle as a student under its care by transfer from Midwest Presbytery.

Presbytery also decided to distribute Rev. Ed Robson’s ‘undesignated fund for Christ’s glory,’ in a way that would be helpful for our Presbytery students under care.

Ruling elder Kevin Plummer offered thoughts upon his resignation as provisional elder to the Fulton congregation over the past several years. He reviewed his service and suggested better ways to address situations where provisional elders are needed.

A Work in Glengarry

There was also a good deal of discussion and deliberation on the best way to proceed with a group of members from the Redemption RPC (Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec) who want to establish an RPCNA church plant in Glengarry, Ontario. 

The presbytery decided that a Temporary Governing Body (TGB) would be appointed for this Glengarry Fellowship, once their membership was properly sorted by the Redemption RPC.

It was also determined that Mr. Reuben Lindeman, student under care of the St. Lawrence Presbytery, be permitted to teach at the Glengarry Fellowship and preach once per month, so long as his sermons are evaluated by at least one member of the TGB.

RPC of Canada

Finally, Rev. Andrew Quigley provided an update on the status and workings of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Canada. The Canadian congregations of the St. Lawrence presbytery anticipate being constituted as a national presbytery at the upcoming meeting of the RPCNA Synod. He also commented on other items such as church standards and documents, training of men for ministry, summer camps, and finances.

It was this last item that marked what was particularly unique about this meeting of the St. Lawrence Presbytery. This was the last meeting of the presbytery that will include the congregations from Canada. After Synod, D.V. the Canadian churches will be governed under its own national presbytery.  

Thanks to Rev. Scott Wilkinson, pastor of New Creation RPC (Kitchener, ON), for this report. 

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