Today Synod heard reports and recommendations from the various committees of the church, as well as each of the Presbyteries in the denomination. Some highlights were:

  • Mission Committee: Regarding the work in Spain, Synod recommended that Isaac Berrocal accept the call to a reformed and presbyterian church in Seville, remaining under the oversight of the Mission Committee.
  • Mission Committee: Synod was encouraged to hear about early stage explorations of further work in Limerick, third largest city in Ireland.
  • Public Morals Committee: Men spoke of their work as they seek to represent the church before the leaders of the nation in an increasingly fast moving and ever changing world.
  • Presbytery reports: Delegates heard of the slow yet steady progress of the kingdom work around each of the four presbyteries.

Following reports being read and discussed, time was then spent in prayer together for these matters.

In the evening, Synod welcomed delegate speakers from sister denominations / denominations with whom we have fraternal relations. These included brothers from the RPCNA, RPCS, Free Church Continuing and Evangelical Presbyterian Church, as well as from the organisation ‘Affinity’.

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