On May 20, 2022, the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary conferred eighteen degrees to the graduating class of 2022. Dr. Nathan Eshelman, pastor of the Orlando RPC delivered the commencement address challenging graduates to continue to grow in ministry through the reading of books.

Dr. Eshelman earned a Doctor of Ministry at RPTS in 2014. Graduating senior, Joseph Smith delivered the response for the graduating class. Mr. Smith has accepted a call to Westminster RPC in Denver, Colorado.

Master of Divinity:

Matthew Bates, HB, Allen Blackwood, Colin Doyle, Edgar Ibarra, Robert Kelbe, Jonathan Kruis, Aaron Murray, Joseph Smith, Joshua Smith, Richard Truss, and David Witmer.

Master of Theological Studies:

Sylvester Konteh, Chenxi Song, and Frank Whalen.

Doctor of Ministry:

Peter Geromel, Brett Mahlen, Peter Stazen.

For some years the RPCNA has been praying for men to serve in the pulpits of the denomination. With eleven RP students graduating this year, several vacancies are being filled!

Edgar Ibarra is serving in the Las Vegas RPC. Robert Kelbe has been called to Manhattan, Kansas. Johnathan Krus has been called to Fresno, California. Joseph Smith has been called to Westminster RPC in Denver, Colorado. Joshua Smith has been called to Westminster RPC in Prairie View, Illinois, in suburban Chicago. Several other men are waiting to respond to calls upon the completion of presbytery examinations this summer.

Mark Sampson, Chief Administrative Officer at RPTS

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