We were very thankful that our annual Fellowship Camp as able to go ahead this year, as 2021 was a year without camps due to COVID restrictions. It was a great joy to gather at our church camp at Dixons Creek for a weekend of fellowship and enjoyment together.

The ‘Mikelsons girls’ from the Geelong congregation planned, organised, and ran the camp wonderfully well and provided us with a schedule that was both relaxing and engaging.

The weekend included a variety of sessions such as an update on the situations in both Yemen and the Ukraine, a history of our church camp, as well as several encouraging workshops run on both Saturday and Monday. The workshops were:

  • Theology and Biology led by Nat McEwen
  • Caring for Elders, Ministers, and their Families led by Susan McCracken
  • Look, Listen, Learn, Love: How to Care for Our Brothers’ and Sisters’ Mental Health led by Maggie McEwen

These sessions allowed us to learn and grow together. We were also able to participate in fun games, a trivia night, bushwalks, and the ever-popular elimination skipping rope challenge.

Over the weekend it was fantastic to see people from our three RPCA congregations blending and bonding over the delicious meals and also great coffee (made by our own on-site barista).

On Sunday Jonathan Feldman preached from Psalm 92 and reminded us of the important, God-given role our more senior members- the tall trees- play in our lives.

Those planted by the LORD will in God’s courts be seen, when old they’ll still bear fruit and flourish fresh and green, and this proclaim – how upright is the LORD my Rock, no wrong in Him!

Psalm 92 st 5 from the Book of Psalms for Worship

A highlight for many was the ‘camp cafe’ afternoon. We eagerly purchased a slice of scrumptious home-baked cake from the amazing variety on display and as we sat down to eat, we were entertained by various talented musicians and singers from amongst our congregations. The proceeds from our cake purchases are going to a group in Yemen who provide essential aid to those who so desperately need it.

God provided for us, protected us, and blessed us during the camp and we are grateful for this.

Thanks to Jane Blakston for putting together this report. Jane is a member of the Geelong RP church where she serves as a Sunday school assistant. She teaches at the local Christian school and enjoys watching foreign films & listening to live music.

Thanks to Emily Mikelsons, Luke McCracken, Allison Hart, and Jane Blakston for the photos

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