Having had to cancel a planned GO Team to advertise a ‘Let’s Talk about Drugs’ event in September 2020 due to Covid, we were glad it was finally able to go ahead on 14th-17th April!

While recent teams have carried out a variety of tasks, this one was focused on leaflet distribution. We gave out leaflets to the whole town of Stranraer as well as in Castle Kennedy, a nearby village. Dry weather, and an extra pair of hands in the form of our speaker, Trevor Wills, also gave us the opportunity to hand out some flyers in the town centre on the Saturday afternoon.

On the first evening, we watched a video of a talk on ‘Understanding Addiction’. and were able to discuss it together after. Subsequent nights were spent in the homes of various folk in the congregation, which proved not just a way to fill the evenings, but for many in the congregation who are the only Christian in their family these evenings were found to be times of great encouragement, sharing stories of how we came to faith, and how God has kept us on our walk (as well as playing with the children of the congregation – much to their delight!).

Trevor Wills gave his talk on drugs on Sunday night, which was well attended by the congregation as well as a few invited guests. People asked questions in the Q&A time afterwards, and many stayed around to talk more over supper.

The audio from the advertised talk on ‘What makes us human?’ can be found here, and Trevor Wills’ story of redemption from a background of drug abuse can be watched below:

Please continue to pray for the Stranraer congregation, especially those whose lives have been affected by drugs and alcohol. Give thanks for the life transforming power of the gospel and pray that we will see it clearly displayed in the lives of many in our town!

Stephen and Carla Steele, Stranraer RPC

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