On Saturday 23rd April 2022 we had the Spring Conference for RP women and friends organised by the Women’s fellowship Central Committee. This year (while still a zoom event) ladies were encouraged to meet in groups and it was great to see many gathering in churches and homes across the province, in Scotland and indeed our ladies serving further afield.

After a welcome and opening prayer, guest speaker Mrs Vi Dawson took us on an overview of ladies in the Bible under the themes “Serving in the Home” and “Serving in the Church. ” Vi’s first session opened up 6 lessons we can learn from ‘Mrs Noah’. It was sobering to be reminded that Noah’s wife was the only woman of her generation who was a believer. That alone must have been such a challenge for her.

After a coffee break and time of prayer Vi’s second session briefly looked at the widow’s offering, Hannah’s burden and Anna’s devotion. Vi, reminded us of how God uses our weakness: He sees, He hears and He will reward devotion.

For a morning that went in very quickly I personally appreciated all that Mrs Dawson presented us with. She clearly has studied these ladies of the Bible in great depth and has developed very challenging lessons from their experiences. The zoom meeting was (again) a great success thanks to the hard work of the WF central committee. We were very thankful to them, and also thankful to be meeting with others to fellowship together during the breaks.

Elaine Wallace, Bready RPCI

An invitation was also extended to the ladies of the Scottish RPC to join in on the day, and some ladies from Airdrie and North Edinburgh were able to attend. We asked them for some highlights:

“The talks were spiritually encouraging and enriching, and we are thankful to have been included in this conference.”

“The first talk was on Noah’s wife. Even though there isn’t much written in the Scriptures about her, there are still many things we can learn. She was an example through how she lived her life to her family and to the world around her. She was a woman who experienced the perfect timing of God and his care and provision through the Flood and through the work of rebuilding after the Flood. This reminds us of God’s perfect timing, provision, and care through the storms in our life.

Mrs Dawsons second talk looked at the life of three women, she spoke of serving in the church through self-sacrificial giving like the widow and how the church is made up of people that may seem insignificant on their own but when combined together are the body and bride of Christ. She spoke of Hannah who served through prayer, and Anna who served through telling others of what she had seen and heard.”

Beth Bogue, Airdrie RPCS

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