The Front Range RP congregations (those daughtered and granddaughtered by the Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in Colorado) met on Saturday, April 23rd for a Psalm sing at Springs Reformed Church (SRC). It would be the last Psalm sing hosted in the current building, due to be torn down for a large apartment building.

An old building, used by God

Tori Mann, who grew up worshipping with her family in this building, shares a bit about its history: “When Springs Reformed Church (SRC), a newly planted church from the Westminster congregation, moved into 229 South Weber Street in 1992, their forty-some people could fit into a back corner of the meeting hall. The building needed a lot of work: it had creaky wooden chairs and rough flooring. With no fellowship hall the meeting hall had to be transformed and then reset with each fellowship meal. Even after the main building was updated, there was constantly work to be done outside and in the old “church house” on the property. But it was a huge blessing to a small congregation who had begun in a living room and then moved to a repurposed multiple-car garage!

Our then pastor J. Paul McCracken envisioned SRC residing in this building for the foreseeable future. And we did for the next 30 years.  

The Lord blessed SRC with much growth in those 30 years – the nearly empty meeting hall would eventually be filled to overflowing some weeks!

The property itself was a means of shaping the SRC congregation. Being downtown, the church had opportunity to minister to people who walked in the doors merely because it was in close proximity.

But most importantly, the meeting hall where we worshipped was a place used by the Lord for the Word to be preached week after week, nourishing his people and witnessing to unbelievers.

Some years later, the Springs Reformed Church daughtered Tri-Lakes RPC in Monument, Colorado. Tri-Lakes joined Salt & Light and Laramie – congregations that had previously been planted along the Front Range by the Westminster congregation. A picture of God’s faithfulness to that congregation. “

Old psalms, bringing comfort in changing times

Laura Brown, who has been a member of SRC for just a few years, shares her reflections on attending the last Psalm sing in the old building:

“It was truly a blessing to attend the final Psalm sing gathering at the old building and to enjoy fellowship with the saints from all of the Front Range RP churches. Much has been changing in the past couple of years, particularly with the pandemic. SRC is especially in a season of transition as we seek a new building and will soon be seeking a new pastor. It was bittersweet to close a chapter of SRC’s story while also looking forward to what the future holds. But attending the Psalm sing and joining in joyful chorus of the songs that God Himself inspired provided a comforting sense of stability and continuity in this time of change.

Singing the same songs that God’s people have sung to Him and about Him for millennia helps me remember that no matter how our world and our circumstances change, God’s promises never change and His faithfulness endures forever.

No matter what building we worship in next, no matter who we call as our next pastor, and no matter what else may happen, we can trust that God will be faithful and that we will meet together to praise Him and sing the same Psalms that we sung in the old building; the same Psalms we will keep singing until Christ returns to consummate His Kingdom, and the same Psalms that we will sing to Him in His glorious presence for eternity. “

Contributors: Laura Brown with Tori Mann and Irene Huizing.

Laura lives in Colorado with her husband Joe and their three children aged 1-3 (they have another on the way in June!) . Laura and Joe have attended Springs Reformed Church since moving to Colorado from Kentucky in the Fall of 2019.

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