We are looking forward to the Midwest Presbytery Family Conference this summer at a conference center outside of Divide, Colorado. The conference is scheduled to take place July 1-6, 2022 with Keith Evans (Professor of Biblical Counseling, and director of the Biblical Counseling Institute at RPTS) speaking. His topic will be ‘Walking in Communion with Jesus’.

Please use this link if you wish to register: Camp Information / Registration Form : https://zfrmz.com/zNjjnvYuZJc9vKNbqHUX

The Conference program also needs teachers for children’s classes. Discount for Junior Teachers is 50%. Discount for Junior High is 25%.

  • Nursery (Infants-2-years old)*: Need someone to coordinate volunteers and ensure that appropriate snacks, drinks and toys are available. The Nursery Coordinator is not expected to be in the nursery full time.—Filled !!
  • 3-4-years old Class*: Need 1 teacher who is willing to teach these kids during the entire morning program. These teachers will miss most of the lectures, although we encourage them to find one opportunity to let helpers cover the class for a morning lecture if desired.
  • Kindergarten/1st grade, 2nd/3rd-grade Classes*: Need 1 teacher for each of these three classes. These classes will listen to the first 15 minutes of each morning lecture, which will be aimed at conveying some essential elements of the lecture in an age-appropriate manner. Then they will leave the main group and divide into their age-groups classes.
  • 4th/5th-grade, 6th-8th grade*: Need 1 teacher for each of these three classes. These classes will stay for the entire morning lecture and then will break into their age-group classes

Contact Keith Mann at krmann8@gmail.com if you are interested in teaching one of our classes.

Contact Craig Milroy with general questions about registration:  milroy6co@gmail.com 

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