Senior camp met a little over a month ago in Cloughmills community centre, and around 50 campers attended.

As someone whose last in-person senior camp reunion was in 2020 (two years ago!), camp reunion this year was a huge blessing. The leaders and everyone involved with camp in lockdown put so much into online camp but having it in person this year was really special. It is something that I didn’t realise I missed until I tasted it!

Upon arrival, I certainly did taste it, with breakfast provided by the committee around tables in a hall beautifully decorated with lights and bunting.

The talks by Rev. James Blair firstly on work and rest, and followed by another on relationships convicted and engaged, and these talks were reinforced and applied in discussion groups. It was so amazing to talk to like-minded young people about relevant topics and apply scripture, especially in a world that craves darkness.

Between the talks were games and an opportunity to meet and chat to people some of which I had only seen on a screen! We chatted over scrumptious food made by the hard-working cooks, (another thing I missed from in-person camp!). The games, based on popular apps such as Wordle and flappy bird, were refreshing and exciting.

All the activities of the day were finished by, in great senior camp tradition, a psalm sing which, for me, was one of my favourite parts of the day. To sing together in praise to God put it all into perspective and made sure that, when we reluctantly left the building, we were filled with joy in the presence of God.

As long as we are on earth, we will never know what heaven will be like, but in our wee senior camp bubble for the day, worshipping God, I think we experienced a very small hint at what is to come!

Lois Kennedy, Kilraughts RP Church

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