The Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland met on Friday 18th March in Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Rev. Kenneth Stewart (Glasgow) concluded his year as moderator and was replaced by Rev. Stephen Steele (Stranraer).

Most of the morning was taken up with examining Sylvester Konteh via WhatsApp call. Sylvester is student for the ministry who is under the care of our Presbytery. He lives in the Gambia, studying and taking his exams remotely. He took two exams, Westminster Confession of Faith chapters 22-31 and the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Revelation. Both exams were passed. Please continue to remember our brother in the Gambia as he studies for the ministry.

Another major task of this Presbytery meeting was to examine Session minute books. Due to Presbytery meeting remotely over the past couple of years we had to review minutes since 2019. This work may seem mundane but it is an important method of keeping accountability and to ensure that Session business is conducted in an order manner.

Presbytery also dealt with the fact that Rev. Kenneth Stewart had accepted the call from Stornoway since our last meeting. The pastoral tie with the Glasgow congregation was dissolved with prayer, the date for his induction in Stornoway was set for Friday 15th April, and Rev. Donald Macdonald was appointed interim moderator of the Glasgow congregation.

On Saturday 19th March Presbytery met to induct Rev. Stephen McCollum to the pastoral charge of the Airdrie congregation.

Rev. Stephen McCollum, Airdrie RPC

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