Team Leadership Seminar

RP Missions 2022 trips have been launched!

It was a soft launch to be sure. On Saturday, February 5th, at 8:45 AM Mountain Standard Time for me (Keith Mann); 10:45 AM Eastern Standard Time for Bill, Mikayla, and Sean; and 5:45 PM Greenwich Mean Time in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, for Anna Coulter, the RP Missions Team Leadership Seminar kicked off! 

Keith (top L), Sean, and Anna

With this launch, the planning, preparations, and work began for our RP Missions trips for 2022.

Training the Leaders

In our seminar launch, our leaders-in-training were introduced to a laundry list of tasks and responsibilities for getting their teams ready to go on a trip. Our first workshop session focused on both the details of fundraising tools and coordinating travel with a missions-focused travel agent. 

We also looked at stages and phases that small groups go through as they meet, work, and live together. Our team leads need to know what kind of emotions, words, and actions they are likely to encounter during the time leading up to their trips and during the trip itself. The goal is to get to the “action” stage in a “high performing team” phase. Please pray that our team leads will be able to recognize those stages and phases so they can plan and respond accordingly.

2022 Plans: Costa Rica, Japan, & Cyprus

We are pleased that God is putting together our teams including team leads for three of our trips. Mikayla is leading a trip to Costa Rica, Bill is taking a team to Japan, and Anna will return to Cyprus with her team. Sean is taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in both Explore RPGM (the global Christian lifestyle training), and the leadership seminar in anticipation of leading a trip in 2023. 

It is exciting for us to see these trips materialize. We have a strong start on finding team members for our teams as well. Join us in thanking God for His provision of teams and  team leads!

2022 Plans: Pittsburgh & Australia

We are currently without confirmed team leads for our planned trips to Pittsburgh (July 11 – August 8, 2022) and Australia (July 7 – August 4, 2022). We need to have team leads who have been well trained for those trips to take place. Hosts in Pittsburgh and Australia are making plans for work and ministry projects to take place in both locations. Please pray that God would raise up and place a call on team leads for these two trips.

We are thankful for Bill, Sean, Mikayla, and Anna who are taking our leadership seminar and preparing to lead trips. Please pray that our seminar logistics will enable our leaders to participate even in their otherwise busy lives.

Serve, Proclaim, Disciple

We aim for our trips to involve all three aspects of our motto: Serve, Proclaim, Disciple. We desire for our teams to make a positive contribution to the ongoing ministry of each of our host churches. Our broader goal is for our team members to be fully equipped for a lifetime of supporting the hard work of taking the gospel to the nations, especially to those people who have no access to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our stated purpose is that many of our participants will adopt a lifelong vision of supporting RP Global Missions and our fields. Please pray that our trips will have the desired outcome in the lives of our trip team members.

Keith Mann is Short-term Missions Coordinator for RP Global Missions. To learn more about short-term RP missions, go to or reach out to Keith directly (

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