Every spring the RPCA plans a project which enables the presbytery’s youth to serve. Due to the lock downs and restrictions stretching across Victoria, these service projects have had to take place virtually over the past two years. This year, the presbytery’s Youth Ministry Committee decided to involve some of the older youth in planning this event. 

It was to be a zoom trivia night for the entire presbytery to compete in, complete with inter-round entertainment. Youth representatives from the Geelong, McKinnon, and Frankston congregations worked together with the Youth Ministry Committee to delegate tasks and responsibilities in order for the night to be a success. I (Amanda McCracken) worked on the advertising for the event, Rose Blakston was in charge of registration, Molly Kent organised the teams, Adele Fisher put together the powerpoint for the trivia rounds, and Reuben Feldman was assigned the role of MC for the night. Eleni McCewen and Jasmine Hart helped with the categories for the trivia rounds, and it was all moved along with the support of the Youth Ministry Committee. 

When the night of the event came, the turnout from each of the congregations was even better than expected. There were two pages of zoom screens for the first time in many months for our presbytery! The evening began with a bowtie-clad Reuben welcoming the participants and explaining how the rounds would work. Then we had our first round of entertainment: a word association game led by Ryan Cerbus. There were six rounds of trivia in all, and every round each team would enter a breakout room to discuss the answers to questions like “what sport is featured on the Milo cereal box?” to “which classical composer wrote the tune to Psalm 98B?” and many more. After each round we had another segment of entertainment, and then the scores were announced. 

The entire night was a success, and it was great to see the faces of people we hadn’t been with in ages. It was encouraging to be a part of a team that wanted to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ by providing them with a lighthearted evening spent laughing with friends and family. 

Amanda McCracken is 17 years old, and lives near Melbourne, Australia with her parents and younger brother, Luke. She enjoys painting, baking, and sewing, and is a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Frankston.

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