| Gathering to Give Thanks |

| Regional Church Gathers for Annual Psalm Sing |

The harvest and thanksgiving season of the year is here in the United States. On the evening of November 14th, some 150 Reformed Presbyterians gathered together at Christ Covenant Church in Lawrence, Kansas to lift our praises to God and enjoy our oneness as the regional body of Christ.

Pastor John McFarland lead off the evening briefly expounding a “theme psalm” for the evening in Psalm 148. Then Pastor John and the congregation read responsively the entirety of Psalm 148. Then we sang psalms relating to a number of those themes, beginning and ending with portions of Psalm 90, the Prayer of Moses, the Man of God.

Midway through the evening we sang favorite psalms from various regions represented. We were led in our praise by numerous young precentors who played their role with precision and energy.

Following our evening of singing the Lawrence RPC graciously hosted its many guests for a light dinner and rich Christian fellowship. We give thanks to God for his many blessings upon us this year in northeastern Kansas … and western Iowa … and eastern Missouri. We thank the Lord for calling us into his one body, through one faith, by the one Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank him for calling many of the children of our congregations to a personal faith in Christ. We thank him for the oneness we can experience with saints of like precious faith all over the world through the ministry of RP Global Alliance. Praise his Holy Name!

Thanks to Pastor Brad Johnston for putting together this article for us. Pastor Brad Johnston is a 2004 graduate of RPTS and RP pastor for seventeen years. He served for several years as a journalist. He and his wife Sue live in Topeka, Kansas where Brad is the pastor the Topeka Reformed Presbyterian Church. with their four children.

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