The presbytery of the RPCS met online on the 2nd November. The scheduled meeting took place online rather than in person due to significant traffic disruption in Glasgow as a result of COP-26. Despite being online all the regular items of business were dealt with including: reports from the churches receiving financial support from presbytery; oversight and examination of the men under the care of Presbytery; and the financial reports. The pandemic has, of course, brought financial challenges across the wider church but we give thanks to God for His continued provision.

Presbytery also organises the formal visitation of each congregation in the denomination, taking it in turns to visit one congregation per year. This is done in order to oversee and encourage the spiritual life of the congregations and to give help with any issues that might arise. A committee is appointed by Presbytery to do this visitation. Ministers, elders, deacons, and members are given questions to answer and return to the committee, and then the committee meets separately with the minister, elders, deacons, and congregation to ask any follow up questions and discuss any matters that may arise. Presbytery had appointed a committee to conduct a visitation of the Glasgow congregation, which was postponed due to Covid-19 as well as a number of other contributing factors. The visitation was finally able to go ahead in October and the findings given and a report drawn up at this meeting. It was an encouraging report, where the minister and elders were commended for their service to the kingdom, as well as a few recommendations given for the session to consider.

The next regular Presbytery meeting will be in March 2022. Please continue to keep these ministers and elders of the church in your prayers.

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