You are Treasured! 

This summer, the kids at the Syracuse Reformed Presbyterian Church went on a treasure hunt.  At VBS they searched each day for treasure.  However, they did not look for what people treasure, but for what God treasures. 

They found that God treasures their

  • Worship
  • Obedience
  • Service
  • Sharing the Gospel with others. 

They also learned that God Almighty treasures them and loves them!  To find the things that God treasures they looked in the Bible for stories like Moses and the burning bush and Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.  The kids decorated a treasure box because each day they collected a jewelled reminder of what God values. 

The kids worked throughout the week learning to sing Psalm 150A and memorizing Matthew 22:37-39.  Craft time, exciting games and delicious snacks were also part of the fun each day.  The Lord blessed the kids and the helpers with a great week, reminding everyone how much God treasures them!

Thanks to Amanda Waldron for this report. Amanda grew up in Gettysburg PA, and moved to Syracuse in 2007 with her husband Steve.  Since then she has been involved with Sunday School, and nursery at the Syracuse Reformed Presbyterian Church

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