Jerry Foltz

  • Began: March 2016
  • Graduation: May 2021
  • Licensed to Preach by Pacific Coast Presbytery: June 2018

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. The Lord began to call me to himself shortly after my birth—I received the covenant sign of baptism and was catechized in the Lutheran church. It wasn’t until my later teen years that God brought me to saving faith and I began to follow Christ. Being filled with zeal and affection for the Lord, I began studying the Scriptures and within a matter of years I embraced the Reformed Faith as the most faithful expression of Christianity. At the age of twenty I wed my beloved wife, Monica. Shortly thereafter, my wife and I became members of an Orthodox Presbyterian Church and began building our lives together.

What started as a genuine zeal to know the Lord, soon turned into pride and a pursuit of knowledge. My arrogance and immaturity, coupled with the deceit of my own heart, set me on a trajectory that embraced worldliness in the name of maturity and Christian liberty. My haughtiness ultimately led to my partial apostasy and the humbling experience of seeking the Lord’s restoration from the midst of a rehab. The Lord answered my prayer and restored me. He planted my wife and I in the Los Angeles Reformed Presbyterian Church shortly thereafter. As I pursued my own recovery I began to help and reach out to others who would be counted among the lost and broken of this world. It was during this time that I began to feel called to the ministry and came under care of my Session and the Pacific Coast Presbytery of the RPCNA. I graduated with an MDiv. degree in the Spring of 2021. I will be diligently seeking the Lord’s will concerning where and how he’d have me serve. Soli Deo Gloria.

Ian Gilles

  • MDiv
  • Began: Sept. 2018
  • Graduation: May 2021
  • Licensed to preach by RPCS Presbytery: March 2018

I am a member of Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church and a student under care of the Scottish RP Church (RPCS). After graduation, I returned to Scotland with my wife, Shelby, and hope to serve the Lord in that part of His vineyard. His will be done!

Joseph Dunlap

  • MDiv.
  • Graduation May 2021
  • Licensed to preach by Presbytery of the Alleghenies.

Joseph is a member of Grace RPC, Gibsonia. He and his wife, Monica, have three children: Renwick, Isobel, and Marion. He has received and accepted a call to Loughbrickland RPC in Northern Ireland.

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