The opening of the new session at the Reformed Theological College (Belfast) was held at Trinity on Tuesday 5th October.  The Chairman, Prof Andrew Kerr, welcomed all present, especially the students, their wives and children and also those listening via Trinity’s YouTube channel.

After praise, prayer and Scripture reading, the recently appointed convener, Rev David Fallows, reported on the work of RTC.  At a meeting in the afternoon two students had been enrolled in 1st year – Jonny Fitzsimons (Woodstock RPC) and Kenny Stephenson (Fairview RPC).  The enrolment of a third student was deferred owing to illness.

In September the students took the intensive Greek course taught by Prof Warren Peel (Trinity TPC). The autumn term is now underway with 11 weeks of lectures.  The Student Assessment Preaching will be held DV in Dromara RPC on Tuesday 4th January 2022. 

Mr Fallows asked the students to come forward and after introducing them to the meeting he committed them to the Lord in prayer.

Prof Norris Wilson gave the opening address on the title ‘Excuses! Excuses! Moses and the call to service in Exodus chapters 3 and 4’.  Prof Wilson in developing his theme adopted the following outline:

  1. The One who calls – the Lord
  2. The Task he calls us to – service
  3. The Excuses we make

Moses made many excuses before accepting God’s call to go to Egypt.  The Lord graciously answered all his objections and finally he agreed to go as God’s ambassador to lead the people out of bondage and on their journey to the Promised Land.  We were challenged not to make excuses when the Lord calls us to serve him in his Church.  His message was thoughtfully presented with application being made to the 2 students and everyone present.

The meeting was concluded with praise and prayer.  Many chose to linger for a further time of fellowship both inside and outside the building.

Professor Robert McCollum, RTC Belfast

Photos: Mr Osy Graham

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