“There are so many nice people at this church.” our daughter said from the back seat of our pickup truck. My husband and I couldn’t help but smile at each other.  We had stayed an hour longer than I had planned, as the next day was back to school, but we enjoyed every minute!

This was our first social event at New Creation RP Church as Covid restrictions have greatly limited our interactions since we joined the church about a year ago.  

New Creation is a congregation in Kitchener, Ontario (Canada).  We are currently renting a building and have only had access to the sanctuary on Sundays.  This church picnic, at a member’s home, allowed for delicious food, games, a campfire and much enjoyed fellowship with one another.

Being relatively new to the congregation I was a bit concerned before the picnic that our youngest daughter would be bored.  There aren’t any other children too close in age to her, as the congregation is growing, and she hasn’t had too many opportunities to get to know the other kids.  Yet, every time I checked in with her, she was playing with someone older or someone younger or was interacting with the adults.  It was such a blessing to see how the members look out for the kids and are willing to give up their adult conversations to get to know the younger members.

This Labour Day picnic was a great confirmation to our family that we are in a welcoming and loving congregation, one that seeks to serve the Lord as best as it can.  Would you please join in praying for us, that the Lord would continue to strengthen us in knowing Him, in growing in number, and in finding our own building?  Although there are continued Covid restrictions we are grateful for the many blessings that we’ve experienced at New Creation.  If you are in the Kitchener area, please join us for a worship service and please visit our website for more details about our congregation. 

Laura Smid, her husband John, and their four daughters moved back to Ontario, Canada four years ago after being in the United States for over a decade.  They were members of the Covenant RP Church in Meadville, Pennsylvania for ten years.  Laura is currently working with John at a small manufacturing company but hopes to return to teaching in an elementary school soon.

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