Boys Discovery Camp made a welcome “in person” return this summer, taking the form of a three-day camp in Dunclug College, Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Having been restricted to online only events last summer, the leaders of the camp decided on “in person” only this year!

It was a joy to be back at camp, for both leaders and campers, with some of the camp staples, such as squad games and water fights, as enjoyable as ever!

Over the three days we had three talks, each focusing on one of the offices of Christ: prophet (“Jesus Speaks”), priest (“Jesus Saves”) and king (“Jesus Rules”). These were followed by discussion groups and prayer times for the boys and their squad leaders.

Delicious food was served up by our cooks, and despite some heavy rain, we were able to complete most of our timetable unhindered. Thirty-one boys applied for camp, though a couple missed out due to self-isolation, as did one leader.

Overall, however, we had much for which to give thanks. We especially thank the boys’ parents who, in the absence of a residential camp this year, dropped off and collected the campers each day. 

It was great to have camp back; we look forward, Lord willing, to our reunion in January! 

Phil Dunwoody, Camp Leader and Pastor of Dromore RPC

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