Reformed Presbyterian Church of Japan | Higashisuma

(Kobe, Japan)

  • Established: 1960
  • Elders: Pastor Sumito Sakai, Mr. Ishi (inactive rulling elder), Mr. Funashashi (retired at end of 2020) Pastor Endo (provisional elder)
  • Deacons: Mr. Harada, Mrs. Funahashi, Mr. Miyamoto, Mr. Sata (currently inactive due to illness)


The Higashi Reformed Presbyterian Church was established in 1960. The church has only had two pastors since it was established. The first Pastor was Masanaga-sensei. In 1994 Pastor Sakai was installed and is still the current pastor.

About Higashisuma RPC

Higashisuma currently has 82 members. 55 are communicate members. 23 Baptised members. Attendance is around 42 each week. Others are unable to attend due to age, illnesses or other reasons.

Church Demographics: 70+: 15, 60’s: 15, 50’s: 3, 40’s: 5, 30’s: 3, 20’s: 2, Under 20: 5

Some of the ministries that the congregation offers are two English Bible Classes are held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, one for adults and one for children. Due to COVID-19 the church has had to stop their open church evangelistic invitation which would normally happen yearly. Prayer meeting is held twice a month on Wednesdays. On the Lord’s Day, the congregation currently has Sunday school online, Worship is live streamed as well as in person at 10:30am and an evening service on the fourth Sunday of every month.

Some ways you can be praying for the church are that the Lord would raise up new elders and deacons, and that they would see families established and brought into the church.

If you want to get in touch, check out the website: or find the church on facebook:

Benaiah Hovee, Benaiah grew up in Indiana at Southside RPC but went to Japan on the RP short term mission trips starting 2012. Eventually he moved to Japan in 2018 and transferred his membership to the Higashisuma RP congregation.

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