Below are some ways to pray for Anugraha RP Church.


  • In the midst of being ravaged by the second wave of COVID, we take a moment to remember Anugraha RPC’s anniversary, and thank God for it.  We have been greatly blessed by Christ’s building his kingdom in our midst in the past four years.
  • We have been in lockdown for almost a month now. Please pray that God would give us patience. Please pray that the elders would know how to shepherd the flock from a distance.


  • Pray for our leaders as they manage limited hospital facilities, ICU beds and oxygen supplies.  Pray for wisdom as they seek to organize and prioritize the vaccination of a billion citizens with a severely limited supply of vaccines.
  • Pray for our medical professionals, as they are stretched to the limit caring for the huge influx of seriously infected people.  Pray for healing and comfort for the many who are suffering, and for the families of those who have lost loved ones.
  • Pray also for the well being of many daily wage earners who have lost employment and hence their ability to feed their families.
  • The Lord has provided many opportunities to serve the COVID impacted in our area through providing meals for them.  We praise God that we were able to pray for some of these people.
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