In the 190th Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, Professor Keith Evans was re-elected to his faculty position with a seven-year term. Seminary full-time faculty members must be from the RPCNA and are elected by the Synod, renewing on a seven-year basis.

Professor Keith Evans recently completed certification in Marriage Specialization Training through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). With this certification, RPTS, as an official ACBC training center, will offer Marriage Counseling Specialization Training. The purpose of the specialization is to provide those currently certified in biblical counseling with the opportunity of ongoing education in the field.

Trustees Appointed

During the recent Synod, several men were added to the Seminary Board of Trustees. Trustees are elected by the denomination and are selected for their spiritual knowledge and maturity, and professional experience, representing the various Presbyteries of the RPCNA.

  • Robert Bibby (Ruling Elder at the Lafayette RPC, Indiana), 
  • Brian Wright (MDiv 2017 – Teaching Elder at the Sterling RPC, Kansas), 
  • Brad Stewart (Ruling Elder at Trinity RPC, Maryland), and 
  • Joseph Friedly (MDiv 2017 – Teaching Elder at Tri-Lakes RPC, Colorado) were elected by the Synod.
  • Aaron Goerner (MDiv 1996 – Teaching Elder at Christ Church, New York) was re-elected for an additional term.

A Standing Ovation

Also at the 190th Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, RPTS President, Barry York during his Seminary update, noted that President Emeritus, Jerry O’Neill, will be fully retiring at the end of June 2021. Since “retiring” a few years ago, Dr. O’Neill has met weekly with Barry York for mentoring and has assisted in planned giving and fundraising efforts. The Synod rose in thanks for Dr. O’Neill’s faithful service to RPTS and Christ’s Kingdom. The Seminary would echo that well-deserved recognition of Synod. We are extremely grateful for Jerry’s friendship and leadership these many decades, and we are in prayer for him during his actual retirement.


Summer is the time for internships. This summer, please remember the following men in prayer as they are serving the church around the country:

  • Aaron Murray – Hope Community RPC in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania;
  • Colin Doyle – Dallas RPC, Texas; 
  • Edgar Ibarra – overseen by his Presbytery, Las Vegas RPC, Nevada;
  • Jonathan Sturm – RPC of Lafayette, Indiana;
  • Joshua Smith – Winchester RPC, Kansas;
  • Martin Monteith – RPC of Southside, Indianapolis, Indiana; 
  • Robert Kelbe – Syracuse RPC, New York; 
  • Johnathan Kruis – Covenant Fellowship RPC, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania;
  • Allen Blackwood – Christ RPC, Rhode Island.

Get Involved

Student debt is a hot topic these days. Students in the United States are said to have borrowed over $1.5 trillion to pay for higher education at an average of over $30,000 per student.

RPTS no longer participates in the Federal loan program, partly to discourage student debt. Seminary graduates often do not earn salaries that justify the assumption of massive school loans.

RPTS keeps tuition at a very affordable rate thanks to our donors’ very generous support. Second, tuition is frozen at the 2019 level to help students. Third, most students qualify for scholarships (thanks again, donors!). Finally, the Support Our Student Tuition Relief Program (SOS) has become a route for family, friends, and even strangers to help pay student tuition. Individuals can provide tuition assistance through non-tax-deductible gifts. Several alumni and friends of RPTS have given anonymously. For more information on the SOS program, please contact Mark Sampson at (412)731-6000.

Mark Sampson, CAO at RPTS

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