On Friday, May 21, 2021, the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (RPTS) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) graduated fourteen students from four different degree programs. 

Dr. Jack Kinneer, retiring Adjunct Professor of New Testament Studies, delivered the commencement address reflecting upon the Lord’s providences during his time at the Seminary. Ian Gillies (RP Church of Scotland) responded on behalf of the student body giving thanks for the faculty, staff, and student’s families for their support during these years of seminary study.

Jonathan Kruis

Some of our 2021 Graduates

Master of Divinity – Christopher Bovard, Samuel, Joseph Dunlap, Jerry Foltz, Ian Gillies, and Leo.

Master of Theological Studies – Angela Dalton, John Dalton, Chad Kuettner, David Wilcox, and Cherry.

Graduate Theological studies Diploma – William Mueller

Doctor of Ministry – Douglas Chamberlain and Timothy Sullivan.

Lydia Eshelman, Nathan Eshelman, Jerry Foltz, and Monica Foltz

Awards and Scholarship

Bruce C. Stewart Scholarship – Joseph Smith

Raymond P. Joseph Award – Ian Gillies

Raymond P. Joseph Scholarship – Jonathan Kruis

Jerry F. O’Neill Scholarship (full) – Robert Kelbe

The Ceremony (for those of you who missed it!)

Mark Sampson, Chief Administrative Officer at RPTS and a ruling elder at Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church (Gibsonia, Pennsylvania).

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